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But what do the artists say?

There are a lot of deep thoughts being had right now by a great majority of Americans.  Most of the deep thinking is in reaction to the existential panic this year’s election has stirred up.  You can see it in the faces of people walking by – their eyes focused on something in the distance… it’s the promise of a finish line!  But between them and it lies a hell-storm in the form of a fire-tornado spinning atop shark infested shit-water.

panicOur new daily mantra is “Dear god, please let it be over.” Followed by a quick, “And please let it be over in the best possible way.”

Of course, the problem is that we don’t all see eye-to-eye on who the “best” candidate is.  And the fire-tornado and shit-water are so hot and so putrid that we can’t argue politely about who the best candidate is either.  Instead, we rage, we re-post, we internalize to the point of making ourselves sick.  We try not to overstress the social thread keeping our diverse “friends” list diverse, while also struggling not to consider said diverse friends total idiots for not agreeing with us.

But the election is tomorrow.

And tomorrow we will finally have an answer.

We will have an answer because you and I, our neighbors and our not-so-neighbors, will have voted.

The politicians will have voted.

The millennials will have voted.

The mom-and-pops will have voted.

The veterans will have voted.

The artists will have voted…

And it’s this last group that I want to talk about today, because there’s something very important about this last group that I haven’t heard people talking about yet:  Almost all of the flash-mobs and “Get out and vote!” songs (and the other various celebrity-laden YouTube/Cracked/Funny or Die sketches) are pro-Hillary.

I think that’s worth thinking about.

Artists are humanity’s thermometers.  They observe, they empathize, and they see into things.  The fact that so many are using their skills to caution us against the hate-fueled, fear-mongering, demagogue named Trump should give anyone still sitting in his camp pause.

Why aren’t our artists making art to support him?

Maybe it’s because when you put racism on film, there’s no shrugging it off as “straight talk”.  Or because when you put misogyny into performance, there’s no hiding from its abuse.  Or because when you put hate on canvas, you can’t hide from its ugliness .

Or maybe it’s simply because you can’t dance with hate in your heart.

I’m not saying that artists are the only ones you should be listening to, but they yet one more faction warning us of the dangers of Trump.  And they are doing so as humanists.

I think we should listen to them.