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Why isn’t my paper graded?

have_you_done_your_homework_yet__by_gwyn_wallow-d4swv66As an adjunct faculty member, it’s my extreme displeasure to navigate a total pig-sty of side jobs on top of this one, so that I can pay the bills.  And by bills, I mean all those Sallie Mae loans and Visa (and Mastercard, and Discover… shit, I need to win the lottery) bills I wracked up going to college so that I could now make not-enough money to pay them all back.

I mean, if I’m honest, I made way better money as an under-degreed waitress than I have since graduating with my MFA.  BUT, as a waitress, I didn’t get to use a white board or talk about theatre history; I just served people sandwiches and picked up their used napkins all day.


So, I’m teaching now.  And writing for online magazines for added income.  And substitute teaching for added income.  And teaching desperately under-attended theatre workshops at various small theatre companies in the area for added income.

So you see, my little academic pupae, when I assign a due date, and you scoff at that due date by turning everything in two days later with some lame excuse about losing power and running out of caffeine and yadda-fucking-ya-da-da… well, you lose the privilege of getting indignant.

Because I will find time to grade your late assignment, but I will not lose precious extra sleep over getting your grade to you “ASAP”,  when you demonstrated so little regard for my time, your peer’s time, or justice’s time, in the first place.

Yes.  You read that correctly.  Turning in late assignments is an injustice!



(  ) …

Well, maybe I’m being a hair dramatic about the “injustice” part.

But you started it!